Leveraging technology and innovation to improve productivity, quality and safety in the construction sector

Conference | 28th February 2019

Embracing digital transformation in the construction sector to improve efficiency, productivity, quality and safety.

The Construction Tech and Transformation Summit is a premier conference that brings together the building and construction sector to explore the latest strategies and technologies that can increase profitability, productivity and safety in construction.   
Just like every other industry, the construction industry is on the verge of digital disruption. The advent of new technologies has opened possibilities for safer processes and better structures that are built more efficiently and with lower risks. 
While implementing new technology is often a steep learning curve that requires a significant investment of time and resources, there is massive incentive for the construction industry to adapt and innovate to transform processes and improve the performance of construction projects.

With the myriad of changes happening in the industry, there is a need to explore how best to adopt and implement new technology to achieve the benefits that come with automation and digitisation and remain competitive.

The event is held co-located with the 2nd Safe Cladding, Building and Facade Innovation Summit which will bring together government, building owners, developers, certifiers and fire safety professionals to implement solutions and ensure the safety and compliance of Australia’s buildings. 

The event is held co-located with the Smart Buildings Summit which will bring together developers and asset owners to harness design, technology and innovation to deliver smart and intelligent buildings. 


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The event will be held in a deluxe hotel in Sydney CBD. 
Delegates will be notified of the venue 4 weeks prior to the event.